Anonymous: Love your blog, so much cute! I'm now spamming my own with all these great posts of yours. ^_^ 

Thank you so much :)

You are sweet and it is a honour that you are spamming your blog with my posts. Or my collection of posts from other places lol

teenager-living: Hey! So i have a ldr bf for almost a year now and i spoke to my parents about meeting him. But they told me they don't want to let me go there on my own because i am 15. Maybe if i am 18 they said. But i can't wait so long! How can i convince them??? 

Hey! First off, that is good news that at least they reacted to the first part fairly well about you having an ldr bf. So that is a good sign, I would say.

Secondly, I wanted to say that maybe if he was able to come see you first that your parents might be a little more comfortable letting you go see him before you are 18. Because they would feel more comfortable knowing they got to meet him and talk to him. But if that is not an option then I would keep dropping them hints and talking about the possibility of going to see him. Maybe you could improvise a bit and go with your parents or one of them. The more they hear about the two of you the more they will willing to change their minds. Hopefully :)